Coaster incentive

Similar to other incentive campaigns, the coasters campaign was an opportunity to incentivize giving early in the year, typically during the month of January. 

In January 2016, ceramic coasters with illustrations of campus landmarks created a successful campaign, so in January 2017, news of an additional two coasters was announced to alumni over social media. However, this time, alumni would have the opportunity to vote for the two buildings featured:

The turn around from votes to campaign was so short, that it was necessary to start illustrating all four buildings. Once the votes were counted, the illustrations were finalized—each were hand-drawn and rendered in Adobe Illustrator. 


For the digital campaign, the illustrations were mocked up onto coasters and inserted into digital scenes filled with donuts and coffee. These images were then used in the promotion of the campaign over email and social. 

The results of the campaign came in very successful, and saw an increase from the previous year's campaign. 

My role: I lead the concept and illustration on the physical coasters, while designing all of the digital artwork for the email campaign. I also designed images to be used on social for promotion of the campaign.