creative brief

When approached with the task of creating informational fliers for the career resources our alumni association offers, I had no idea it would become such a fun project. In this case the client was ready for some change, and wanted the reader—both alumni and students—to feel excited about the various programs offered. The was to get the reader informed enough to go online and register. 

I started by presenting three concepts that walked the line between "been there, done that" and "this is just what we need even if we didn't know it until now." 

Concept #1 included a straight refresh of some previous marketing materials done for these programs, while concept #2 (more on that later) managed to meet the reader where he/she is at. Concept #3 added a promotional product to the mix, hopefully creating a memorable experience that wouldn't be thrown away quickly. 



The client settled on the second concept, pictured above. In the past, marketing materials often have pushed the agendas of the maker, which is what I wanted to move away from. In most cases, alumni/students who see these materials may not be familiar with the offering of programs; however, they are familiar with their own career goals. These subtly snarky cards grab the attention of the reader, who most likely can empathize with one of the statements. On the back of the card, he or she can then read only about the programs that apply.